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    CCM EP Ultra Tacks

    CCM Ultra Tacks Hockey Elbow Pads

    D30: Smart foam technology with very high level protection - Innovative material designed to react to varying intensities. Soft consistency absorbs low impacts while instant hardening at high energy protects against big impacts

    Cap: Joint discharge PE cap reinforced with D3O® smart foam - Lightweight pro level of protection dispersing the force of impact away from elbow joint

    Bicep: Molded foam armor bicep with extended coverage - Professional level of protection
    Attachment: New Lycra strap and lock strap with slot system - Enhanced comfort and fully customizable fit

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    € 111.90
    Grösse: Senior: S (152-173 cm) UVP: €139.95 -
      Senior: M (162-183 cm)   -
      Senior: L (172-193 cm)   -
      Senior: XL (190+)   -
      Junior: M (132-152 cm) UVP: €99.95 € -32.00
      Junior: L (142-162 cm)   € -32.00

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    CCMEiner der ältesten und renomiertesten Eishockeybrands weltweit. Gehört zum Reebok-Konzern

    Link: http://www.ccmsports.com

    Ab Sofort Floorball / Unihockey Equiptment bei Hockeypoint Online & im Shop

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